Actionable ways for a bored cat !

As it would happen with people cats can also get bored and discouraged it may be difficult to detect depression in cats, because changes in the behavior of cats may be simple and may pass without noticing. Find out how and why and act immediately on our advice.

1- When a cat compulsively licks himself and hairless patches appear on his body it’s a clear sign that the cat is kind of bored, when licking is so excessive it can cause skin damage a serious health problem which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

2- Your cat eats more than usual it is a consequence of boredom, excessive consumption of food very human attitude because many people suffer from the same harmful behavior due to anxiety at depression or stress, check the amounts of food you offer to your cat to avoid obesity.

3- A bored cat may start to show different behavior when interacting with family members, some may ignore even dismissed contact with humans but others may experience aggression or hunting behaviors.

4- Cats have a wide range of vocal expressions, whether his meowling, howling or hissing, and if you notice that your cat makes more sounds than he use to, it may be related to he depression.

5- Although cats are social beings, they love from time to time to be alone, and it is not strange for cats to choose for themselves a specific place to hide, such as the bottom of a wardrobe or under a certain table at home, but hiding them too much may be a sign of Depression.

Now we will show you some behaviors you can adopt to avoid boredom for your cat

1- Play with your cat daily, one of the toys we recommend you most to a lot of animals is the fishing rod. You should try to make her happy even when you are out of the house. Some companies sell CDs intended for cats to play on TV while you are away home and any cat games like playing mice and birds

2- Enrich his daily life with stimuli he did not know before like music activities ,food and others. Enrichment will help your cat get out of his routine

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3- Gives your cat caress, massages and lots of hugs it will make him feel that he is part of a uniform and loving family group. You should refrain from wrestling the cat with your hand violently because this develops violent habits and behaviors of the cat.

4- Giving your cat contact with the sun also brings additional energy better vitamins and happiness. If your cat’s depression is seasonal, light therapy may help reduce winter depression. Buy a light that simulates ultraviolet light and leave it lit for several hours throughout the day in the presence of the cat, and you can find such lights in stores selling farm supplies because they are used to grow plants indoors.

 5- if your cat is among those who spend many hours alone we recommend you to go to a shelter to adopt a partner to help your cat have hours of companionship and having fun the two cats will thank you .

Consult your veterinarian when you feel behavioral changes in the cat, and do not assume that it is depression, because some symptoms, may be a sign of various other diseases and not just depression, and if the cat has a health problem, the early diagnosis helps to solve the problem and reduce the complications that may result from it.