Why Adopting a Parrot !

1-We know Parrots with their pretty plumages, perched on one shoulder, swaying on their perch, great imitators, sometimes jealous and temperamental or emotional, these birds are filled with surprising qualities, especially because of their well-known intelligence.

2-These little colorful beasts will surprise you on many points, but you must know what to expect if you want to live with one of them.

3-Adopting is often cheaper and easier with a cage and the basic accessories. And if you’re lucky, it will be the same cage and toys that the parrot is currently living with.

4-Some parrots have a life expectancy of 70 years this is a huge factor when adopting. Knowing that people usually adopt a parrot for about five years ; which means that a parrot can be abandoned for ten times in his life; what generates  traumatic experiences for it ; Your age and general health should be factored into this decision. If you are older, adopting a pet that is expected to have a shorter life expectancy would help insure that you would always be there to take care of it. So think before you take this engagement.

5-You should also know that parrots really appreciate the company and the playful interactions. It is when you play with him that you will begin to detect his character often soaked.

6-Size is important because it is direct proportion to how much space your pet will need to stay physically and emotionally healthy. If the bird is big the cage should be also big. The ideal cage should allow enough space for it to fly inside both vertically and laterally without damaging its wings. If living space is tight small bird is a better choice. If space is not a problem big bird or 2 may fit normally.

Finally, know that parrots eat nuts, fruits and vegetables, or pellets. if living with a parrot can be very pleasant when living in good conditions, you must make sure you have all the necessary resources and information before you start.