What are the essential requirements of a pet ?

The decision of buying a pet in your home, whether it be a cat, a dog needs a lot of thought, because it will take time and effort, as well as money, not just to feed it, but to vaccinate and care for it. Therefore, we will limit you to a set of requirements for those animals if you want to make the decision.

1) Look for an animal that fits your lifestyle. If you like to walk a lot in the morning, play sports, run and go to the club, it’s better for you to buy a dog, not a cat, because this life suits him a lot.

2) Knowing the nearest veterinary clinic from home because the pet should get vaccinations at certain times and, if neglected, can become infected with a disease or virus. With the clinic near, this will be an encouraging factor for the animal to be vaccinated without laziness.

Warning : toxic food for a pet

3) You should make sure that you can buy the food for the animal you have adopted. Lack of proper food will make them feel hungry and can weaken their immune system if food is not available.

4) You should make sure that your family members are not afraid of the animal you are bringing. Fear or allergies to your cat or dog’s hair can cause the family not to care for it in your absence.

5) When adopting, make sure there are no insects in the animal’s ear or runny nose because these things indicate that he is not healthy and can be infected with an infectious virus.

6) Know the right way to bathe and clean the animal, because using a normal shampoo can cause hair loss.

7) Provide toys for your cat or dog, such as a ball, as this reduces the fear they feel during the first two days of moving to their home.

8) make a schedule for your pet to feed and train it on some things daily so he gets used to it, they are social and intelligent animals.

9) Summer often needs special attention to animals because it is the season of infection and the spread of diseases, and these pets are affected by the high temperature of the air, which requires providing a humid atmosphere and good ventilation to avoid infection.

10) Set aside a pet sleeping place that will be an additional member of the families.

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