How to make the perfect dog’s toothpaste?

Any dog owner should brush his pet’s teeth at least three times a week. And for good reason, the presence of tartar can have, heavy consequences on the health of the dog. Only a small problem, we do not know what contains the toothpaste sold on the market. it is good to know that humans’ toothpaste should not be used for your dog. And for good reason, they are highly toxic that for a still fresher breath To avoid chemicals, why not create your dog’s toothpaste yourself. And all-natural of course.

•In a bowl, dissolve 1 cube of broth (chicken, beef or vegetarian) in 1 tablespoon water. The chicken broth will make the toothpaste appetite for your dog.

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•Add 1 tablespoon baking soda. Baking soda is a natural abrasive that will facilitate the removal of plaque. It Also prevents bad breath.

•Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. This will make your dog’s breath more pleasant. you can add crushed mint in the preparation.

•Add 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil. It will bind the ingredients and thus solidify the toothpaste.

•Insert the toothpaste into a small, closable container.

•To keep your dog’s house toothpaste just place it in the fridge But be careful, do not keep it for more than 5 days!

The size of a dog’s toothbrush varies according to the size and type of dog. You can buy a  dog’s toothbrush from animal supplies stores, but it is very important to know that there are two types of toothbrushes dog type that called a finger brush You can brush with  this type your dog’s teeth with your finger after putting putty on them ,and the second type looks like a Human’s  toothbrush . the wire brushes are on two sides, the large toothbrush for a large dog and a small brush for small teeth.

Also, be aware that homemade toothpaste does not need to be rinsed. Your dog can swallow it safely. However, be sure to use a small amount with each brushing.