10 good reasons to adopt a dog

It is often said that the dog is the best friend of the man, and it is not for nothing. His presence with us has many virtues and allows us to improve our daily live . Here are ten good reasons to adopt a dog that will share your life!

1) it is well known that  a dog is always faithful to his master. So unsuspecting people will be delighted with the unwavering side of their dog’s affection. Your companion will always be with you.

2) Dog owners recover more quickly after an illness and have a greater chance of survival after a heart attack.

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3) Burglars, malicious people, the dog is a good deterrent to prevent any potential intruder from entering your home. Your dog acts as an alarm. He barks and defends your house.

4) Whether for his needs, the dog will be your number one excuse to leave your home. So get out with him and enjoy.

5) To go out with your dog is also a reason to meet other dog’s owners . It’s a very simple way to start a conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet great people thanks to him!

6) No matter what happened in your day, in your life, your dog understands your feelings. And he does not hesitate to come and give you a hug to comfort you. And that’s lovely.

7) Dogs help to calm aggressive or hyperactive children.

8) Dogs can help to overcome traumas such as painful breakups, deaths…

9) Children from families with dogs tend to have a higher self-esteem.

10) Playing with a dog helps raise the level of dopamine and serotonin, which helps you to feel better.

In a short term, there are many good reasons as bad reasons to adopt a dog. Besides, each master can have his own good or bad reasons. Everything must be considered for the well-being of the whole family (dog as human). We must prepare for the arrival of the dog, but also the life he will share with us. In the end, it’s like preparing for the arrival of a child. Adopting must be a thoughtful and non-selfish act of love.