cats and diabetes

Diabetes is a disease of cats and when infected with this disease is noticed by many signs as they eat, drink and urinate frequently. Although they eat in large quantities, their weight decreases significantly. And become slender. We also note that the cat is depressed and sleep for long hours and these symptoms are caused by hormonal and vital changes within the body of infected cats Which is the production of small amounts of the hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas, which takes care of the regulation of sugar in the cells of the body. This sugar in the blood works to absorb fluid from the cells and throws this sugar with fluids outside the body through the process of urination and to make sure that the cat infected with the disease and must conduct several tests to prove her.

Actionable ways for a bored cat !

To make sure cats have diabetes you must first measure the sugar In blood and urine. It is measured using a glucose meter where we need a few drops of blood, The easiest way is to extract blood from the ear flap, Where you must first rub the cat’s ear by hand until increased blood perfusion of the ear and facilitate the process of blood out, Then place a spotlight behind the ear to determine the presence of capillaries that are visible, Then pinch the flint with a needle that is usually present with the device, place the blood drops on the designated place in the slide , Then put  this slide in the device. in case the proportion is high must take the sample to the laboratory to confirm diabetes . If confirmed, the veterinarian will determine the appropriate amount of insulin depending on the amount in the blood, Which should be given to cats permanently twice daily after a meal Dosing is done by subcutaneous injection, This should be done by the following steps you should choose a flat area to put the cat on it and then determine the place of injection and preferably in the skin between the shoulders of the cat you can use  favorite food for cat to draw its attention during the injection, Once the cat starts eating Gently pinch the position where the injection will take place, Then stop after five seconds and remove the food in front of it Then bring the food back Pinch the same area of the skin but slightly more without causing pain to the cat During pressure, lift the skin slightly , This method will help you prepare it for injection It reduces the reaction of cats. Besides using insulin a cutting diet should be made to maintain the ideal weight.